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It’s one of my friend’s birthday today!!! Happy freaking birthday MsMLe! – Love, DummiBear :) This post, compared to the last one is the opposite, IMG UNHVY. LOL, I only have one picture…sorry! Packaging: Aii. I really have trouble writing sometimes, and other times, my mouth shoots off a mile a minute. Something I do […]

Haul #9


Agh-glah! I’ve held off this haul post for quite some time…I apologize. Because I didn’t have time to get to writing it out, and everything. School’s been a bitch. For some reason, (that I’m somewhat consciously aware of) I’m working way harder this year than last year. Anyways, this haul actually took place on the […]

Packaging: There’s just something I love about 北海道(Hokkaidō). Maybe it’s the snow, but of course, it snows in a lot of parts of Japan.  I don’t know. But when I think about going to Japan, next to going to 東京(Tōkyō), is 北海道. Well, honestly, I think 東京 is good for sight-seeing and stuff, but I’d probably […]

This チョコボール was the second secret of the last haul. Yes, as you may have guessed, this one is bought expired as well. The expiration date was only August 2010, so whatever. I ate it quickly, alright and I’m fine. Packaging: So yeah, you should know my motivation for buying this, if not look below […]

Packaging: I’ve heard of (I guess this kind of counts) Jr Hi-Chews before. And I was pretty excited (about the others too) when my cousin showed me the picture from the HK haul. The packaging is kind of mixed. The small size gives it a cute feeling, while the bubbles give it a more sophisticated look. Well […]

I can’t believe I’m on the 70th review, and I’ve never had a Kit Kat before. Or well, not a Japanese Kit Kat. I think the first Japanese Kit Kat I came across was the Milk and Coffee one, but I hadn’t wanted to buy it. I don’t really remember why though. What is Framboise? […]

Packaging: I had seen this countless times in Nijiya, but I never got around to buying it. And then, my cousin happened to buy it in the HK haul, and well, that solved everything. I think the main reason I kept avoiding purchasing it, was that I wasn’t really sure what it was going to […]

I really have a hard time doing “old stuff” after I get “new things”. Like, after I get a new haul, I really want to hurry up and eat+review the snacks, but then I remember that I still have stuff left over, so I can’t do that. This is one of those “old things” that […]

Sorry (again)!


I’m super busy with school stuff right now. So stressed and everything =.=” And I’m falling behind in reviews…so I’m going to take a break. I’ll go at my own pace and when I feel like I’ve sufficiently caught up, I’ll start posting again. Sorry for anyone who reads this blog!