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What in the world, right? How could European cheese (though I’m not sure how different that is from “regular” cheese) and chocolate go together? I’m not entirely sure either, actually. It’s just, it kind of popped out to me, besides the packaging is nice. I guess the last haul was kind of “exotic” food, except […]

This is ridiculous. After the Chocolate Wonderland, I felt sick of chocolate, so I got kind of fruity candy. And now I feel like chocolate again, but I don’t really have any. Or more, I want chocolate like…drops I guess? Like, I don’t want a whole bar that I have to eat at once or […]

I can’t believe I’m on the 70th review, and I’ve never had a Kit Kat before. Or well, not a Japanese Kit Kat. I think the first Japanese Kit Kat I came across was the Milk and Coffee one, but I hadn’t wanted to buy it. I don’t really remember why though. What is Framboise? […]