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I got my new camera! Yay! So this is going to be the last post with pictures taken from my old camera. I bought an Olympus 14MP camera (30x optical zoom). Taste: The taste is pretty good. It’s not like really a legit kiwi flavor, but it’s still good. It kind of reminds me more […]

Packaging: I was really attracted to this snack from it’s vibrant red color as well as the honey+apple combo. The little characters are very cute, but that wasn’t really what caught my eye in the store. I love the image of the bee (cute!) dripping honey over the apple slices. It’s just so delicious and […]

“Makes the world a little sweeter.” I have heard of Chocorooms about a million times before this review. But I’ve only tasted it once before this. And that time, I only had one Chocoroom. One day in class I was hungry, like really hungry, so I asked my friend if she had anything to eat. […]

Here’s yet another first, my first ever senbei post! It’s not that I haven’t seen senbei around, nor is it that I dislike senbei. The thing is, that it’s hard to choose one. The reason being, I can’t read kanji. Of course, there’s an English tag on the back, but I’d like to know what […]

I was really happy as  Nijiya and the store I call “market”, but actually has a real name that I won’t tell quite yet, restocked. I was upset, though, of two things. One was that Ichiban’kan had restocked as well, but because of that, many of the things I was looking for were missing. And […]

1, 2, サンガリア! That’s Sangaria’s logo, a play-on “一、二、三” (1, 2, 3) This is not the first time I’ve encountered a drink by Sangaria. However it is the first time (that I remember) I’ve purchased a drink by this brand, and it is also the first time that I’ve boughten a Japanese coffee drink. I […]

Hello, hello, hello! Before we start today, let me say something(that does relate). So, I won’t have another break until…oh well, the freaking END OF MARCH! D: Meaning, I can’t go to Japantown and get more candy. D: Sad! But, don’t fret because I have enough candy to last until then(for reviews)…but still. Anyways, a […]

いちごミルクキャンディー (Ichigo Miruku Kyandii) or, Strawberry Milk Candy. I got this one a couple days before Christmas at Daiso. Packaging: First of all, the packaging is really cute. It’s pink, giving off a very sweet, cute and strawberry-y feeling. (even though I dislike pink) It wasn’t a packaging that stood out to me, while it […]