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I’ve been looking at a lot of food blogs lately, and I really feel like cooking. Maybe when I get out of here, I’ll make a blog with the food-food I eat. But I’d probably only do that if what I make turns out looking good. I don’t think I said this before, but I […]

Like the title? It didn’t take me that long to figure it out, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have six reviews for this “special section”. One more than last time. But only one away from a full week, darn. Well, it’s not like I post everyday, so…whatever I guess. Maybe I should […]

Those of you who can read the katakana, and don’t know about it – Baskin Robbins in Japan is called “31”. In the US, or at least where I live, everyone calls it “Baskin Robbins”, but yeah. The 31 is part of the name in the US, but it’s just not said. It’s taken me […]

After reading numerous blogs and tumblr posts, etc. I’ve come to realize that I’m pretty lucky. Because where I live, I have a good access to Japanese goods, unlike a lot of other people. And I’ve also realized how great my market is. Because, I’ve seen a lot of foods and sweets that I’ve wanted, […]