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Toppo is basically an inverted Pocky, manufactured by Lotte. (How funny, it seems like Lotte is constantly copying Glico, see Pepero) So for this, instead of the chocolate being on the outside, coating the crunchy stick. It’s on the inside. I’ve heard debate about the whole Pocky v.s. Toppo deal, but let’s see here and […]

Not many pictures this time, sorry. Packaging: The packaging of this is very similar to that of  the Original Chocolate ポッキー. Both boxes are: red show the brand in the top corner(Glico on the left-hand side,  Lotte on the right-hand side) the name of the snack in the middle both names start with ‘p’ both […]

Yay(: So I got to go to Japantown today because it was sunny! :D (and because we got out early) So I made the trip. And now I have a “bunch” of goodies. xD Now, I have “lots” of candy in stock. So no worries there(: Except that I might go broke. Haha. Jk. I […]