Haul #21


So I think I will continue blogging, posts will be irregular, but I will post, at least for the duration of the summer. This is mostly because I figured out an easier way to post pictures. I can use my new phone’s camera (which is pretty good quality for a phone) and that’ll make the pictures easier to upload.

On another note, when I got back today I saw my “friend” (he’s a teacher and my co-worker, but it feels kind of weird calling him my friend since he’s almost twice my age) post pictures from Tsukiji (the fish market in Tokyo). I freaked out. SO NOT FAIR! I want to be in Japan too :(

In terms of food, I didn’t get much. Just stuff that appealed to me. Yuzu flavored gummys – very summery. I thought I’d give Pure a whack, I’ve heard good things about it. I had a hard time choosing a flavor (it was between peach, muscat and bitter squash), but I decided to play it safe the first time around. The green tea bar is the cheap version of Kit Kat. I saw the Green Tea Kit Kats on sale, but I decided to get this instead, which seems to be very similar (or at least, it should be). And then finally, Jyagariko just because.

Surprisingly, I only bought 2 this time. Well, I’ve been losing the happy spark at finding these lately. Especially since the price has gone up. Ichiban’kan is at $.75, still the cheapest, but they rarely have the new ones in stock. I bought these two at Amiko ($.80) which is relatively cheap and they do have some of the newer ones, though the stock they have is less since it’s a boutique. And then finally, Kinokuniya/Maido, has the best stock, but crazy expensive at $1.15. I refuse to pay more than $1 for these. Ahh, I remember the days when these only cost $.50, I should have known better about the economy back then and bought up a storm.

This is something I got at Amiko’s as well. It’s really pretty. Normally, I don’t wear any accessories, but I decided not to cut my hair this summer (at least until August), so I thought I should get something to make my hair look more presentable. And this was such a bargaining. Usually at $3, but it was 50% off. And also (I didn’t take a picture of it, but) it can function as both a hair tie and just a plain clip. AWESOME. It’s like a 2 for 1 deal and for half off too !

And finally, the best for last. DUN DUN DUN! I finally got my hands on volume 10 (and additionally volume 11)!!! So happy ! I was about to buy the magazine too, but it took all my will to leave it behind. I can’t wait to move to Japan. The price for this stuff is crazy ridiculous. The manga is only about 440 yen, which is about $5, but with the price of oversea shipping tagged to it, it comes out to $8+tax. And the magazines especially. Something that’s about 550 yen costs like $10 (because they’re bigger and heavier). The only thing (besides the cost) that sucks now is that I have to wait about 6-10 months before the next tankoubon comes out.

I’m still debating whether to buy volume 1-4. I don’t normally buy manga, but I bought this one because a) I loved it b) online scans only went up to volume 5 when 11 volumes are out already and c) I thought it was only 10 volumes. Had I known there was more, I may not have bought them, but now… I’m stuck. It looks bad starting from 5, but 1-4 is online, so I don’t really want to waste money since I wouldn’t really read them. We’ll see.


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