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I seem to have lost a big chunk of pictures and receipts so these next few posts are going to be a little sucky, but then again, I wanted to change the format so… it’s slightly okay. ”ぎゅっと濃く まったり溶ける” I kind of get what it’s saying, but not really. The strong, rich (taste) melts [in your […]

I’m going to start off this post with a little bit more personal stuff. So you can skip this part if you want to. First, I want to say that I don’t have many snacks left (well, I already told you before, but I’m just repeating myself). I only have about one month’s worth of […]

On the top corner it says “なめらか” which is similar to the one from the Nameraka Pudding. Now, I actually looked it up and “なめらか” means “smoothness” or “glassiness”. That makes sense for this, not so much for the pudding. I love the design of the box and the design ON the box. Taste: To […]

This is a day late, sorry. But I was so busy yesterday. I had to make 5 packs of Jello, because my club was selling it today, which ate up an hour of my time. And then my teacher assigned the hardest Geo homework in the history of the word, and I was so tired […]

Happy Birthday to one of my good friends, Cam! Love you! Hope you have a great birthday today! (Even though she won’t see this post) Takenoko no Sato(たけのこの里) translates into “Bamboo Shoot Village”. I have seen these dozens of times, way before I even started this blog. Not only as this strawberry flavor, but as […]

I kept running into this sweet at my local market, but I never picked it up. I was, curious though. I mean, what’s a cheese chocolate supposed to be like? A piece of chocolate that tastes like cheese? Or a piece of cheese looking sweet that tastes like chocolate? Of course, I logged down the […]

Before, I was thinking, “WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY REVIEWS ALREADY SCHEDULED?!” and it was filling up my Posts page. But now I’m glad I did those. Because, now, I don’t feel like writing reviews after I come home from work. The same photo problems as the last post – half are shitty. Living […]

“Makes the world a little sweeter.” I have heard of Chocorooms about a million times before this review. But I’ve only tasted it once before this. And that time, I only had one Chocoroom. One day in class I was hungry, like really hungry, so I asked my friend if she had anything to eat. […]

ガムなのに、スウィーツ。 It is gum, but it is also a sweet. […I think] I love the way they say “sweets” in the CM, it’s kind of funny. Maybe only because I’m a foreigner and I speak English. And the dude’s expression after he eats the gum is super weird. But I got a laugh out of […]

Because of a recent comment I received in which addressed me, “Dear sir“, I feel the need to clear up(for those of you who don’t read my About) that I am a girl, a female. Okay, moving on to the review. Meltyblend, or sometimes known as Meltykiss is a cube of chocolate dusted in cocoa […]