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Haul #12


I didn’t get a lot of goodies today (snack wise), but enjoy this post. The first thing I bought was this, another box of Look Chocolate. I recently saw this on Japanese Snack Reviews. I actually saw this first at Nijiya, as well as the other candy, but I didn’t buy it. I walked over to […]

Okay, so I couldn’t really buy anything for a Holiday Special. Because, well, nothing really appealed to me and stuff. I don’t know. But here’s a second best. (Although I accidentally published this, I hope you guys haven’t read it yet!) Packaging: The main reason why I bought this was because it was on sale […]

Packaging: This is really super cute, I love the way it comes in a little cup. Just like you would get real fries (to go). Well, not exactly the same, but it’s a long the same line. The little characters are so cute, I assume they are potatoes, but who knows. The one at top […]

Packaging: I was super excited when I saw these! When my cousin sent me the picture, I was like “OMG! Eat whichever but DO NOT lay a finger on these Juniors! (Because I knew she would) They are just SO cute. I have a thing for small scale figurines, and such. If that makes sense. […]

Gone Fishing


Well, not really. But it’s the week before finals begin, so I’m spending this week and the next locked up in a cage with a deranged monkey studying my butt off. I’ll be back shortly though (since it’ll be winter break after finals), wish me luck!~ -With Love, StoryBookDreamer

Packaging: I love Rilakkuma, I hope I’ve made that clear (before). GAH! When I saw this at Nijiya, I knew I couldn’t leave without it! The only question was, which one do I leave with? LOL. There were like, four different designs. And I’m pretty sure I stood there for 5 minutes deciding over which […]

It’s raining heavily, with thunder (and people have said there’s also hail). You know what that means? It means winter’s coming. I would be so much more excited about that if it actually snowed where I live. But it doesn’t. And I hate that. Ahh. The thunder is making me excited. LOL. I haven’t heard […]