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The book in the background is Happy Cafe. It’s super cute and super funny. I love it!!! :D Lately, I haven’t been getting a lot of stuff from Ichiban’kan, most of the treats are from Nijiya. The last time I reviewed something from Ichiban’kan was in January, 3 months ago. I guess, to be honest, […]

I recently found this song, it was the background music for this person I subscribe to on youtube. I spent like half an hour trying to figure out what the song was, because she didn’t credit it, and the newest comments didn’t say. I finally found it (though I have no idea how any more). […]

Okay, so I couldn’t really buy anything for a Holiday Special. Because, well, nothing really appealed to me and stuff. I don’t know. But here’s a second best. (Although I accidentally published this, I hope you guys haven’t read it yet!) Packaging: The main reason why I bought this was because it was on sale […]

Packaging: I love Rilakkuma, I hope I’ve made that clear (before). GAH! When I saw this at Nijiya, I knew I couldn’t leave without it! The only question was, which one do I leave with? LOL. There were like, four different designs. And I’m pretty sure I stood there for 5 minutes deciding over which […]

Today, may be unusual for you to see, a post. But I have a story behind. And this time, you must listen before I tell you the review. And I will find out if you don’t read this. :P Anyways, today was a….not so normal Monday. I snuck out of my house, for the first […]